Pet’s Celebration Cake

Everyone loves a cake on their birthday and there is no better way to spoil your pet than with a delicious and nutritious birthday cake for them! Our pet’s cake is nutritious with safe to consume ingredients and no artificial colour, and 100% sugar and salt free with absolutely no preservatives. Your pets can truly enjoy an amazing birthday!

Our flavours include

Cake type (pick one)

Savoury colourful cake

Match the bright personality of your pet with this colourful rainbow savoury cake. Mainly consisting of sweet potato, potato, carrot, and a choice of meat between chicken breast and salmon all layered together, your pet is sure to love this eye-catching treat.

Sweet fruity cake

For the ones with the sweetest pets, this one is definitely for them. It is a standard layered pet cake made of chicken and potatoes with yam in the middle, but it is topped with strawberries and an assortment of fruits in season that clients can select from, making this the sweetest cake on our menu for the sweetest pets out there.

Lava cake (chicken and salmon)

Delicious lava cake that is layered with chicken breast, spinach, and salmon. When broken up it reveals a runny core with Greek yogurt decorated with diced strawberry and shredded chicken. The pets will never be able to resist these.