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Aurora x Patisserie is a home based business that specialises in creating the perfect cake for your celebration events. We have a wide range of selection that you can choice from and also offer customisable cakes tailored to your liking. The sumptuous creations of Aurora x Patisserie are more than just a fulfillment.

Delicious Custom Cakes

Are you looking for THE cake to top off your perfect event? Let us help you achieve that dream event you have in mind from Birthdays to Baby showers and Anniversaries and any occasions that hold a special place in your heart. Our team will discuss with you upon hearing your requests and recommend ideas to guide you through this personalised experience leading to your desired cake.

Make sure your event is special

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Your Selections

Serving Sizes + Starting Prices

4" (serves 2-3 pets) - $60 (pets only)
6" (serves 3-5 people) - $80
8" (serves 6-10 people) - $100
10" (serves 12-15 people) - $120
12" (serves 16-20 people) - $140
8" + 6" (serves 20+ people) - $160

Cake Base
(pick one)

Vanilla Chiffon Cake

(a very light cake that uses vegetable oil as opposed to traditional fat, and vanilla)

Dark Chocolate Sponge Cake

(soft and light, dark chocolate flavoured spongecake)

Lemon Zest Sponge Cake

(a light and soft, lemon zest flavoured sponge cake)

Cake Fillings
(pick one, or two for +$5)

Fresh Strawberry
Oreo cookie
Taro Paste
Sweet Cream Cheese
Strawberry Jam

Make sure your event is special

Order your dream cake today